Personal Data Protection Privacy Notice



This Data Privacy Notice is updated as of 28 Oct 2022.

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We collect and process your Personal Data (name, email address) and your child's personal data (name, email address, age, date of birth, city, country, nickname, social media handle) through this Form and profile settings on the online platform to process, service and manage your child's IKEA Club exp membership sign-up. We have put in place physical, organizational and technical measures to protect you and your child's rights to privacy. Once collected, you and your child's data shall be encrypted (at rest and in transit) and securely stored.

You and your child's data will be disclosed to authorized (i) personnel and/or agents of Ikano (Philippines), Inc. and (ii) third-party service providers and/or their agents that may be engaged to process your child's IKEA Club exp membership sign-up, for the purpose of, and in the course of, managing your child's IKEA Club exp membership.

You and your child's data will be securely stored by Ikano (Philippines), Inc. until your child's membership is cancelled/terminated or after 8 years of inactivity, after which the Personal Data shall be anonymized and/or expunged.